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NYPD $1 Billion Budget Cut Will Have Beast Cops Out For Blood

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
02 Jul 2020

NYPD is in outrage after having 1Bil cut from the NYPD budget. Now who do you think they will blame? Black people and one of the very reasons why, they are still getting slaughtered especially in NY. There are even more attacks, murders, robberies, sexual deviancy in the streets of NY, and around the country than before the protests, but they are celebrating? The mind is a terrible thing to waste is definitely a true statement. Those jewISH snakes know, BLM is a code word for Black Life Murder. When are the majority of brain dead black people gonna figure that out though? That is the question. Because the more they don't get it, the more black bodies that will mamed and have to be buried.

Narrated by: Brother Jacob Israel
Hebrew Israelite Radio Show Host

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12 months ago

That's a distraction - a trap so-called white supremacy is throwing out there diverting us away from the real issue: human rights abuses (white supremacy itself). "Law enforcement" is how the system exists - its protection. Notice how they make all these "changes" except death sentences or at least stiff punishments for human rights abuses from anyone one especially police, military, and politicians. Do that, then I'll begin to think real efforts are being made by the powers that be.

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