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Lonnie Love Speak on Black Men's Lack of Loyalty

Solidi Talks
Solidi Talks
12 Jan 2020

Lonnie Love Speak on Black Men's Lack of Loyalty and receives backlash from the black community. Is she speaking the truth or telling lies????

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BConscience 1 month ago

@2:52 Ain't stayin wit a chick that can turn YT 2morrow. Best put on that brown skin cream and keep Ur man. Or look 4 a saltine while Ur skin finishes bleachin itself.

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Enlightened1 1 month ago

This is no more than Feminism which is toxic to the black woman whether she knows it or not. People will say anything to divert from the fact that they may desire white meat. She has a licence from the white man in his Matrix Reality to say whatever, and that,s toxic to black people in general!

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