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Evangelicals? Michelle Williams Engaged To A Trump Supporter

The Vanguard
The Vanguard
24 Apr 2018

Michelle Williams Is Enjoying Swirling But Is She Also Supporting Donald Trump?

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Cassandra Cee
Cassandra Cee 2 years ago

There are many people who do not feel that it is a conflict to identify as a Christian and support white supremacy. Unfortunately, Black women like Michelle Williams, believe the white supremacist doctrines that are interwoven into the doctrines of the Bible: what is referred to as 'white man's Christianity' or 'the slavemaster's Christianity.' It is her life, she can make good or bad choices... I have just learned to stop looking up to people who are rich and famous as being who I should model myself after.

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NeobetaAlpha1 2 years ago

Well one thing all of us should have figured out by now is these celebrities are nothing more than house niggers, they are brain dead idiots who believe in the white mans society wholeheartedly, these former black women who turn into bed wenches have been mind fucked by society with all the images they have put out concerning interracial relationships. They fail to realize that procreating with these demonic people literally kills off generations of your own race because they have been led to believe that they are getting something they are not, and that is respect. They have to be abandoned by our race because things will get only tougher for us if we try to change these demonic creatures, it is best to separate and stick with our own who have enough self respect and racial dignity to see the truth. B1.

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NJ Progressive Indie
NJ Progressive Indie 2 years ago

I don't buy for one second that she doesn't know what her male chauvinist murder-cult pimp husband stands for.

She's just another Candice Owens...

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RoyalSeed 2 years ago

This Devil has no right to be around our kids, treating and tricking them into serving police breakfast trying to indoctrinate them into COONING. If anything police are considered as public servents, they should be the one serving us Pancakes. When the Kingdom comes they’ll be working overtime 10 fold in my fields...

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