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Devin Myers" looking while black" Way to stay cool, calm and collected! Glad i was there.

14 Aug 2019

so this young man going about his business to go to a restaurant and some white bitch in a car calls the police because he "looked" at her suspiciously. And you can see the aftermath. fortunately there was this sister girl that stayed and captured all the bullshit on camera. We have got to start fucking these people up

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Magenta 6 months ago

Why should anyone risk life and limb for men who insist that white women are better? Notice how black people always refer to white women as ladies, even when they are anything but? This harrassment won't stop until the majority of whites die out (especially their bitter, resentful men) or black men come to their senses and stay away from white women. I know which will happen first.

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