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The Malcolm X Doctrine. The Republic of New Africa
15 Sep 2019
The Malcolm X Doctrine. The Republic of New Africa
NoMincedWordsTV · 5 Views

Yahweh and Asherah in Africa

If you are new here Welcome! Please take note that all our historical analysis, claims, and challenges are done so within the parameters of Dr. Francisco Gil White’s Historical and Investigative Research (HIR) method. You can educate yourself on the HIR method here:

Video: Yahweh and Asherah in Africa

Also consider:

The immense ignorance of Brown on Black hate:

Oranyan ~ Jacob ~ Israel 123 - 4:

The Orisa and Jacob’s Ladder:

Professor Truth “George Washington: The First Fascist & The Shrinking Black (Mis)leadership”:

Yoruba Emanationism

See H. Peter Alef’s emanationist description of Kemetic creation by numerals:

See Hebrew for Christians “Kabbalah of Creation”


The Yoruba Folk Religion of Ancient Israel:

Professor Dierk Lange Yoruba States:

Jewish genes are African:


Who were the Minoans?:

African Precursors in Europe:

African “admixture” (precursors) in Europe:

20 Proofs: Greeks African DNA:

Black Greeks:

The Pale Plague:

White identity is not what it used to be:

The African DNA behind Hebrew Script: article “Race, The Curse of Ham and the Hamitic Theory” by y. lulat:

Human Y chromosome haplogroup R-V88: a paternal genetic record of early mid Holocene trans-Saharan connections and the spread of Chadic languages
Fulvio Cruciani, Beniamino Trombetta, Daniele Sellitto, Andrea Massaia, Giovanni Destro-Bisol, Elizabeth Watson, Eliane Beraud Colomb, Jean-Michel Dugoujon, Pedro Moral & Rosaria Scozzari
European Journal of Human Genetics volume 18, pages 800–807 (2010):

A revisit of Cruicani’s backmigration Theory of R1b & R-V88:

The genetic landscape of Equatorial Guinea and the origin and migration routes of the Y chromosome haplogroup R-V88
Miguel González, Verónica Gomes, Ana Maria López-Parra, António Amorim, Ángel Carracedo, Paula Sánchez-Diz, Eduardo Arroyo-Pardo & Leonor Gusmão
European Journal of Human Genetics volume 21, pages 324–331 (2013):

Early Holocenic and Historic mtDNA African
Signatures in the Iberian Peninsula: The
Andalusian Region as a Paradigm
Candela L. Hernández1, Pedro Soares2,3, Jean M. Dugoujon4, Andrea Novelletto5, Juan
N. Rodríguez6, Teresa Rito2, Marisa Oliveira2, Mohammed Melhaoui7, Abdellatif Baali8,
Luisa Pereira2,9,10, Rosario Calderón1*:

~ The new church has no walls ~

~ The new school has no walls ~

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The Malcolm X Doctrine. The Republic of New Africa
15 Sep 2019
The Malcolm X Doctrine. The Republic of New Africa
NoMincedWordsTV · 5 Views