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Cops got their homes shot up...So..And???


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NeobetaAlpha1 1 month ago

The only people who benefit from a cowardly cops house being shot up is them, the cops benefit from everything they do. If they murder black people they get promotions in the department and they get no discipline at all for the murder and in their white supremacist gang they also get promoted. If they get harmed in anyway the media will go on a rampage and garner sympathy for them and excuse all the blacks they murder every year not to mention in this society it is not legal for a black person to defend himself at all, so chances are if you feel threatened being racially profiled by white supremacist cops and fear for your life and you manage to kill them they have proven you will get 835 years in prison. So of course whites did this shooting and the cops are behind it because this is how power hungry, stupid and arrogant these white cowards are.

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Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama 1 month ago

The lame street media should be the next target. Their game is up also, we as a ppl are slowly getting on code.

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