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Ami Horowitzs Racial Attack against the Black Community in Brooklyn

12 Jan 2020

Ami Horowitz, a first generation Jew American, because his parents are from israel., come to the black community harassing them in Brooklyn, New York.

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BConscience 3 months ago

Ass fuckin jooz goin n2 areas he need NOT B going n2. Stiring up shit wit that, "I dunno nutin". Expect US 2B all 4given and under standin. Gimme a call when Captain HOOK nose gets his head bashed in.

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3 months ago

Ok, so when this dirty hooked nosed Vermin gets his head kicked in I DON"T WANT TO HEAR A MF THING. When you go looking for problems all for the likes and shares like this MF? You get whats coming to you. Fuck him and the flabby anus he fell from.

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