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"Black People Are God's Woolly-Haired Lost Sheep Mentioned Throughout The Bible?"

09 Mar 2019

This video gives undeniable proof that woolly-haired Black people are allegorically Yah's Sheep mentioned throughout the Bible; and stringy/straight-haired white people are the goats mentioned throughout.

*Please note: The section that references Esau... I want to make you aware that Esau did not live for 600+ years. When I speak of Esau, I am referring to his descendants. People tend to focus on the color of Esau's skin at birth, but should instead be focusing on what happened to Esau as an adult to make his descendants the so-called "white man" of these last days.

Music: Epidemic Sound
Song: "Grow Up"
By: Gloria Tells

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sly35965 1 year ago

Greetings, Sisters and Brothers - "Great Share...Thanks."

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Angiboo1 1 year ago

Please Like, Share and Subscribe to my YouTube channel called "Jasper Stone Chronicles II"... Shalom

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