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Black Woman S. African Doesn't Move Because She Knows She Safe with Black Men In The Room

02 Jan 2019

Black South African News Caster DOES NOT LET THE NEANDERTHAL DEMONIC BEAST FRIGHTEN HER. Because SHE KNOWS There Are Black South African Men In The Rook Who Will Protect Her From That Neanderthal Beast...

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Magenta 1 year ago

"She is talking about the capitalist whites.... Why do you think then she is poor?" Asked and answered Mr Boer, and that's the problem, because they have decided to be poor no more. Whites hate black people being able to challenge them, it's like throwing Holy Water on a demon.

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commonman80 1 year ago

Yep.. They Get Very Upset Very Quickly.. And, Start To Go Into Meltdown... EVERY SINGLE TIME...

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myrbl30Akan 1 year ago

Security! come get this cave muffo before I **&^%#$@*%!!!

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Down wit the brown

real manly to fight the woman she might have spanked him

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BConscience 1 year ago

This is Y, where ever OUR women go. WE GO.

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djsegwon Kithebeats
djsegwon Kithebeats 1 year ago

That's how they do, get upset an throw a temper tantrums like a baby when they don't get their way, then turn into the fake incredible hulk cause it's a woman, but didn't show that same fire an desire to the male reporter!

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