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400 year prophecy is happening

RedZone News T.V.
RedZone News T.V.
24 Jul 2019

the four hundred you prophecy that can be found in the bable is happening now

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Jaygo 1 year ago

Black people are still Slaves in America, they're just the only ones who don't know this.. and to prove this,, I dare Black people to COLLECTIVELY try to push a movement to pull their money and resources together to Collectively Leave America.. I can assure you with everything I own.. There will be a war and slaughter to prevent them from Leaving.. What Everyone know, except Black people is, If Blacks were to Collectively made an Exodus out of America, America would Collapse before the sun goes down. The World knows, Blacks are the Biggest consumers and spenders, which is needed for a Healthy thriving economy. If Black people call themselves leaving the Plantation of America, to White Americans that is a Declaration of War because a Black Exodus means a Collapse of America and the White Supremacist and White Privilege System they were able to establish not only in American, but around the world off the backs, and consumerism of Blacks.. So again.. I can Promise, If Blacks Dare call themselves collectively leaving America, This is when the wake up call and reality of Still being Slaves will swiftly set in. They'll Use Military and or Death to prevent it as Blacks Is, always have been and still Is White America's Property. Facts

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RedZone News T.V.
RedZone News T.V. 1 year ago

That was a powerful statement and i agree with it all the problem with this statement price of true freedom is worth it. Because if we stay here ,America is going to kill all of us quietly and it will be like we as black people in America decendence of slaves have never existed. America is slowly moving in Black people around the world to come in America to replace us. Movie stars business men and famous black people see here in America alot of them was not born here in America . They even think Obama is a true American when his father comes from Africans but do to him being mixed he looks African American. What iam saying is that they are attacking and killing as well as kidnapping the decendents of American slaves and moving someone else how is not American to replace us. So eithier we fight for freedom and die and let the world hear us or we will will disapear out of the America history books because i replacements will not care about American slavery in fact i do believe they will help America erase us out of the history books. But if we truely stand up and fight and die for our legacy in this country then we will not just go queitly into the night like America is working on right now. P.S. Originally they was our slaves!!

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