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The Israelite Awakening:A Case For REPARATIONS!!!: U.N. GENERAL ASSEMBLY REPORT. Pt. 5.
United Nations Report: General Assembly Report: A/HRC/33/61/Add.2--2016
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1 year ago

Either they give up whats owed or they WILL have a mess on their hands and I DONT mean marching and voting and all other side show BS. It just might be time to tear this down to build it how its suppose to be.
Black hackers are going to have to dismantle the government mainframes, EVERY file they have must be destroyed, then sporadic hits of Bogus racist Jury members, DA, Asst DA, Judges and lets NOT forget who put us before these racist people...THE KKKops. Yes Their families MUST be targeted.

THAT'S how you make change. #ADOS #BLA #BLM #MRAA

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