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Act of bastardry sees Aboriginal Christian converts burn cultural artefacts

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
28 Nov 2019

Aborigines converted to christianity have been burning their Aboriginal artefacts in the belief their traditional culture is a type of witchcraft or devil-worship. It's a belief promoted by Pentecostal preachers, who also believe they can raise people from the dead.

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lazmor 10 months ago

stupid mfs . But I actually believe the beast is that bible torah koran. think about it . all the wars come about because of those 3 books and has been ever since those 3 religions have been exposed to the world. sure there was wars and evil. But the biggest evils done stem from the bible , christianity =slavery wars slaughter,and burning s beheadings, all the most evil acts done in the name of these beliefs. islam =the exact barbarism and insanity as chrisianity, judaism = the same hate murder enslavement and barbarism. So as long as 1 of these 3 takes in as many humans as it can the world will continue to be in chaos . the chaos of evil that religions have created and enjoy

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