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bitch from cooney island.mp4

21 Sep 2019

She makes you want to kill her don't she. But thats because some of the shit she's saying is the truth. and the truth hurts. she says white nationalism and white supremacy are not a threat to black people.Well it isn't the biggest threat at this time ,but soon will be. But the self destructive negros running rampant killing and murdering black people are the biggest threat. Now I say that with true stats. even though white people kill and murder theirs at the same rate, They don't have a whole country of black nationalist ready to come down on them. And the shit in negroville has gotten out of hand so bad, that just in chicago a few days ago, there was a mass killing of 3 people in the wide open daytime, and it didn't even make the news well only a footnote,, because it seems its so commonplace, and the people it affects as a whole, don't give a damn. These acts of violence being perpetrated through every negro community is far far more detrimental than white supremacy

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9 months ago

I'd LOVE to rent this cooning mammy out to a batch of Mexicans with full blown Aids.

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lazmor 8 months ago

lolololol. i can't stop laughing

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