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The 2nd Amendment is a Cover for white Fear

Afro Word
Afro Word
31 Mar 2019

The 2nd Amendment is a Cover for white Fear

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Afromerica has declared war on white supremacy with Black Liberation. Liberation Theology is a strategy and a form of thinking that transforms the mind from misinformation driven into the minds of Black Americans from their birth, to a mind able to discern reality from Euro-American fantasy and from underneath the strong holds of white supremacy.

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cforge 5 months ago

They'er afraid but they can't stop KILLING because of their beastly nature.

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LeeMay 1 year ago

Guilt after doing something you know is wrong drives people insane. We see white insanity all around us being acted out on a daily basis with no provocation. The enemy is wondering how much and how long can Black people take all the abuses heaped upon them.

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