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Joseph Hull
Joseph Hull 3 years ago

in addition to boycotting and publicly chastising this kind of thing, there should be someway to directly exact punishment upon those that offend the Black community. This could be in the form of sanctions, anathematization, or whatever. If this became the routine response, people would think twice before engaging in coonish behaviour.

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IHateYouTube 3 years ago

Umm yeah, this is some Stepford Wives bullsh*t on display for the world to see. Shame on black woman who allow themselves to be fetishes.

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Lethallady Channel
Lethallady Channel 3 years ago

Shame is correct. This is just as embarassing as the coons who go crazy over becky.

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XzodiaYinZero 3 years ago

Utterly disgusting.

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 3 years ago

They all look like assembly line, robotic mannequins, walking dead. They all basically look the same, when black women come in a variety of shades and there is no diversity in that area. Those against it should boycott this garbage and just not watch it. Then see how long it stays on the air.

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AlwaysBankonBlack 3 years ago

Great commentary brother. Completely on point. And you don't see women of other races doing shit like this. Only black women. Back then it use to bother me to see a black woman with a white man, but at this point i no longer care because they won't learn so why stress over it. They can have as many white men as they want. I just know i can never be with a black female that let white boys smash. No current or ex swirlers for me. Not even remotely attractive to any of them. I don't see them the same as I did before. Write books, do interviews; movies and television shows.............only black women. They proclaim their love for a race of men that don't even consider them human. Disclaimer: Not speaking on all black women of course. I can't really say it's sad to see anymore. I'm just cold towards it now.

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