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Dwayne Wade has a new "Daughter"

12 Feb 2020

My thoughts on this new development in the Gabrielle Union household. Dwayne Wade's son Zion is no more, and may never come back. Now there is only "Zaya". White supremacy continues to put pressure on black society to embrace the lgbtqi lifestyle.

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MaryannT23 5 months ago

You can’t changed your dna.biologically a male will always be a male.same as with us real born females will always be females biologically.we already have people calling themselves are the race that you’re born as.obama can’t deny his white mother.his white mother will always be his mother.he is black and white to me.not just a black man,I seen a white woman calling herself black woman but her real parents biologically are both white.she just have a mental illness just liked the gays and transgender me the transgender are gays too.but they don’t see themselves as father who was never in my life is a black man.he is my father regardless of what I think of loving mother is asian.she will always be my mother and I don’t just see myself as just’s not fair to my asian families who raised me and loved me.I feel bad for this son.what’s next we going to see in this society as being accepted? A black woman who’s mother and father are just black and she wants to call herself white because that’s how she feels inside? This has got to stop somewhere.i will never accept this let one wrong or evil things be accepted in this society then its all down hill from there.pedophile things is the next thing that this sickos of the world are going to fight hard for.they already existed but it’s going to just get younger and’s disgusting as hell.stupid parents letting their children be near drag queens at libraries and being touched by them.its wrong and disgusting and wicked.we have to draw a line somewhere.they can call me homophobic all day long.i don’t give a many agendas that I’s being promoted all over.even Sesame Street is not safe from this wicked lifestyle of the gay people.leave the children alone.

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