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Becky Throws Item At Popeye's Employees and Brawl Ensues

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
27 Sep 2019

A disgusting white woman, dissatisfied with the service at Popeye's (where mainly Black and Hispanic employees worked), threw an item from the counter at the workers, which could have very well hurt one of them. So In anger and feeling disrespected (which they were), female employees began emerging from behind the counter and whooping pink, pale piglet Becky a**. However, the media spins it like she was the true victim, downplaying her role that the disgusting, disrespectful wench started the whole thing. Once again, that pink pervert Donald Dump, has these delusional heathens thinking this is 1950's Alabama and black people are suppose to continue to tolerate their BS. But how wrong they are, so the majority of them are just going to have to find out the hard way.

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8 months ago

WS Media MUST be IsIs'd...if you know what I mean. Or this WILL continue... Media Trucks should be stolen, gutted and burned, staff MUST be "altered" how ever way we see fit. A 3 prong attack is needed here clearly. #TargetJudicialStaff & their families #TargetMediaStaffAndEquipment #TargetAllAntiBlackSimpathyzers #B1 #ADOS #BLA

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