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Andre Toppin
Andre Toppin 3 years ago

Very deep my Queen. Very Deep!!!

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4 years ago

@The True Royal Family #Your Dad's Logo he gave You.

In the spirit of conveying Divine Messages, Goddess, I give you some root meanings to the real (Paleo) Hebrew Alphabet, for Your own edification:

The Letters of the Paleo (real Hebrew) Alphabet & their meaning:
Ah = To originate; to project out
Ba = In(to); towards; with; together
Ga = encircle; circular: around;
Da = Add; to compound; accumulate
Ha = The, This, That; To Be (is); Of, concerning (when at the end of a word)
Wa = And (at the start of a word block or sentence); (The verb) To Be, Are, -ing; at the end of a word it means: 'Of Him' (His), 'Of Them' (Their); 'Of It (It's);
'Wa' in the middle of a word means: To Be; Is; Are; -Ing; ( i.e. the verb 'To Be')..like Ba-Wa-Ah (Coming). (BaAh means 'to Come' [to some place].)

Za = Upward
akHa = Action; (violent action)
Ta = Small (size or amount); used to reduce in size or magnitude; towards decreasing.

Ya = He (at the start of a word block); 'To cause to be' ( in the middle of a word); a Multiplier, like 'S' in english (at the end of a word); -ing (at the end of a verb)

Ka = Like; Similar to; 'In the manner' (in which); at the end of a phrase 'Ka' = Your; You; 'Of You'; 'by You'

La = To or For (someone); Before (something); Concerning or About (someone or something); at the end of a word 'La' means: a state or condition (of being)

Ma = From; Caused by; Anti- (the opposite of the word it precedes); It's a pluralizer, at the end
Na = We (at the start of a phrase [word block]); 'a Thing' (at a words end); 'to Repeat' (at the end of a word, like the name 'Nun' (Joshua's dad). Nun means perpetual; a Thing to be repeated (Na-Wa-Na)

Sa = Movement; to Move
EE = Continual; Continually; Continuously; Infinite; Un-Ending.
Pa [*not Fa] = To Turn; To Change
Taza = To Organize; To Assemble; To Order; To Arrange
Qwa = To Gather; To Amass; To collect up
Ra = Consecutively; 'Done one after another'; a Consecutive Action; ' One who does a thing'; at the end of a word, 'Ra' means: 'One who does the action' (of the word that preceded it)

SHa = To Start from; To begin
THa = You (at start of a phrase); It; at the end of verb 'Tha' makes the verb future tense (will; shall); At the end of a non-verb, 'THa' is a Multiplier, like 'S' in English.

Hope this helps. Check out my channel for more. Pax!

*Qwa-Wa (Your logo) = Gather..
like to say 'They Gather = 'Qwa-Wa-Wa'.

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The True Royal Family

WOW truly amazing I have lot's to learn THANK YOU VERY MUCH

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4 years ago

@The True Royal Family : You are welcome: God. Pax.

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Kimisblessed 4 years ago

https://youtu.be/7ICHanmPQLo. Plz watch the video.

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Kimisblessed 4 years ago

Joseph design the pyramids. He was Imhotep of Egypt. Check out this website. http://www.arkdiscovery.com/joseph.htm

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4 years ago

@The True Royal Family Yep you are exactly right Goddess: They are and shall bow to us, the God Body (all Black Peoples), with Judah ('African-Americans') as the head; The God Head. Pax.

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