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You just There being White and Then....#6

Joel da Silva
Joel da Silva
21 Jun 2019

A distressed mum has issued a warning after her son suffered a CHEMICAL BURN
and may have permanent scarring to his arm after getting a temporary tattoo in Bali.

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blackme 2 years ago

thats just the face of the demon inside him,like in the exorcist moveie

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Ann T Lope
Ann T Lope 2 years ago

Well now he's got a permanent tattoo that looks like Satan surrounded by fire. lmao

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LeeMay 2 years ago

She is a ignorant POS and need to be punished, that is considered child endangerment. A kid should be enjoying his childhood and not getting tattooed for petes sake and for what reason. "High IQ's at work again.

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2 years ago

Oh they DEF enjoy inflecting pain on themselves. I damn near had to sock my ex cave cunt in the throat for the bitch to cum.

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Joel da Silva
Joel da Silva 2 years ago

LoL! ;-))

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