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Kamala, Corey & Cortez The Iron Triangle of Anti-Black Politics

11 Feb 2019

Corey Booker tells black people that we need to listen to white people when it comes to racism, and Alexandria Cortez declares she has black ancestry, but that doesn't make her black!

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P D G A F 9 months ago

Shonuff nothing but the truth PBT. They all three run the same offense "Deflect deflect DEFLECT" if America's native black population is mentioned. It's tired role they ACCEPT being new black media's kickplate (almost like they DIDN'T know we were coming)...I believe they are put in front of us to be disliked SO MUCH that we hold our vote and don't mobilize any other ways. OF COURSE that's a fool-hearted expectation on their part, but in the meantime they make GOOD punching bags for us to callous our fists on. Salute.


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