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Everything Wrong With Saints Row 2 ( DLC) in Less Than 2 Hours

Nevvon Dennis
Nevvon Dennis
04 Jul 2019

(READ DESCRIPTION, if you’re either curious and/or don’t got enough time on your hands.)

Gameplay by Willzyyy and Bou Kan.

Intro: 0:00.
The Anna Show: 2:25.
3rd Street Saints Prologue: 6:37.
Activities Cutscenes: 17:35. (Cutscenes by MrToastsandwich)
Sons of Samedi Arc: 25:21.
Ronin Arc: 40:24.
Brotherhood Arc: 1:01:38.
Ultor Arc: 1:23:22.
Revelation: 1:27:28.
Ultor Exposed DLC: 1:32:57. (Gameplay by Padilla Productions)
Corporate Warfare DLC: 1:36:20. (Gameplay by MrToastsandwich)
Sin Tally: 1:39:39. (Fandango by DJ Quik)
Dank Memes: 1:39:59.

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