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a couple of basketball courts and a daycare center

07 Jun 2021

⁣ a couple basketball courts and a new daycare is not going to solve gun violence. nor is talking about it. but you folks have the right to vote the way you feel is right. don't fall for any more hollow promises because they wear the same skin. it'll be the same thing all over again. money thrown at a problem that money can't fix. money is not whats needed at this moment. war has been declared on the citizenry by the criminals and the courts are just as guilty when they lock up people for doing right and try to console the criminals. what she's proposing to me is the same tried and proven not to work solution that has been done to crime infected black communities over and over. and when all is said and done. a few preachers and so called community groups will get a little money to open offices that few people will come to and the thugs murderers and criminals will still be on the corners and the people both boys and girls will keep pumping them out to replenish those killed and they'll need a new influx of bs programs when they get 10 yrs old

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BConscience 4 months ago

A FUQIN waste of time, energy, and MONEY.

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commonman80 4 months ago

They Need To Put In Curfews For Kids 15 And Under To Start.. Fining The Parents After The Second Time They Get Caught Outside After 9 Pm.. And, If The Parents Come To Pick Them Up? They Can Get Locked Up For The Night.. Paid For By This Funding If They Start Shit. And For Kids 16 And 17? There Curfew Should Be No Later Than 12 Am.. Unless They Have After School Or Summer Jobs..

Or? Unless They Have A Note/Pass From Their Parent(s) To Stay Out Past 1 Am.. If Caught After That Time? The Same Thing Applies. Paid For By Funding.. They Could Hire Adults To Carry This Out. Paid For By The Funding.. Night Basketball? Is A Waste Of Money And The Kids Time.. Because It Will Bring Them NOTHING In The Future.. And, If They Get Hurt? The Parents (Or Welfare.) Will Have To Pay For It.. That's Just Throwing Good Money After Bad..

Kids From Other Races? Are In The House Studying Or Getting A Good Night's Rest.. Why Do Black Kids Have To Have Some Sort Of Night Sports Program.. She's What's Called A SELLOUT.. Or A Fool, Or Both.. Because If Funded? She Wants To Spend Fundings On Something That Will Only Amount To NOTHING In The Long Term.. She's More Dangerous To Black People Than ANY White Supremacist.. Incredible.. Yep...

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