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Google screws with Black Junction Tv

Published on 09 Feb 2018 / In Community

Google will fuck with Black Junction Tv members and content creators over minor issues but not censor inappropriate behavior like sexualizing children.

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celebratedmonsters 5 days ago

they keep up what they like and what they practice.

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2657drywallfinisher61 3 months ago

Wow I'm just saying thank you for this evening powerful information and truth be told is indeed in my opinion "FOOD FOR THOUGHT". B1

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Kaiman 9 months ago

Youtube is messed up. They're supposed to have bots or some sort of monitoring system to filter out inappropriate content. Yet, videos free of offensive content are being flagged and removed. I know for a fact that some videos I added to my playlist are later gone. There was a video about gentrification. Can someone tell me how is the issue of gentrification inappropriate according to Screw-tube's standards? I guess the powers that be at youtube/google/alphabet didn't expect Black content creators to utilize that platform to distribute quality, information videos.

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b_uko65 9 months ago

There is nothing inappropriate about talking about.

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PoliticalKimWOYM 9 months ago

Just the freedom alone is worth keeping "the monopoliZed media from taking it from us. We piss out twenty on drinks in the club. 2.00 - 5.00 donation is worth it. Building a free platform for our voices on screw tube was for their entertainment. Now we get the drums rolling on code. I hope the leave the donation amount open, because financially sometimes all we pofolk have is a buck or two. Shalom brother.

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