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Opioids Killed More People Last Year Than Gun Violence Or Car Accidents

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
04 Jan 2020

Something the main stream media news hardly ever mentions, is the increased rate of opioid deaths in the past year. However, the numbers can be found by doing a little research. This video is of an article that does displays that information.

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TheFM4 2 months ago

and karma strikes again

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lazmor 2 months ago

so now its all important to save these people. But when the crack epidemic ravaged the black community , a drug supplied by the white ass amerikan govt. it wasn't a problem. But now we're supposed to feel sympathy because these white mfs are dying. Now I know some fool ass coon niggas will say some shit about black people being caught up in this epidemic. wll you know what i say to that / fuck those dumbass mfkn wanna be like white stupid bastards.If they didn't see what the crack did to the black community that was purposely orchestrated by this govt, and karma came back to these bastards, yet still thought that whatever the white demon did , they just had to do also like the stupid fucking slaves they are , then fuck them and die along with your masters

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