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Garlic,Cancer And Scientific Research

14 Feb 2019

I talk about how scientific research doesn't always work due to the lack of money spent on proper research when it comes to fighting cancer. What I mean is that money spent on research is not well spent because a cure hasn't been found due to the money spent on research by people giving to these nonprofit organizations.

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Knotty 12 months ago

I eat a lot of garlic. i did my research. Avoid garlic from China and India. Garlic grown in America is better. China uses human waste as fertilizer. Avoid chinese food and supermarket garlic. Order garlic online if you can afford it. There is a way to tell the difference. If the bottom of the garlic is shave, it's from China or India. America garlic is not shaved. Get garlic grown in America. It cost more, but it's better and safer.

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LeeMay 2 years ago

Yah's medicine is not profitable for these demons. It is all about dollars and cents, if it don't make dollars, it don't make sense

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