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Puerto Rican Burger King manager told to 'go back to Mexico' after speaking Spanish

11 Jul 2019

Courtesy of Neyzha Nicole / Facebook never ending from these demons. but whats funny is these 2 devils and others like them are always telling mexicans not to speak spanish, but fail to realize that spanish comes from spain , one of their barbaric ass countries. now if they told them to not speak nahuatl, or yucatec maya they might be saying something relevant even though its none of their business what the fuck someone is saying if they aren't talking to you

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Ryndda 2 months ago

These idiots are always telling somebody to "go back where you come from". Why don't they take their crazy behinds back to England where they were throwing piss and crap out the windows into the street and then wondering why their population was dying like flies. Secondly, this female moron doesn't realize, much like Individual 1 that Puerto Rico IS A PART OF THE United States!!!!! Their stupidity just defies all reason!!!!

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