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Whiteman tries to break Whitechild´s Neck!

Joel da Silva
Joel da Silva
26 May 2019

The drunk man tried to strangle the child in front of the supermarket customers in Kiev, but was beaten by the boy’s mother and eyewitnesses. The surveillance camera recorded the incident that occurred on the morning of May 21 at the Fora store in the Bereznyaki area ( RUSSIA).

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Jaygo 1 year ago

when there's No Israelites around, they'll always turn on each other.. it's always been the case throughout their History. and where there's not other Edomites around, they kill themselves

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Ann T Lope
Ann T Lope 1 year ago

These folks ain't human, I don't care what nobody says. The caveboy just got his whole neck snapped by the caveman and he gets back up as if nothing happened. WHO DOES THAT!!! WTF

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commonman80 1 year ago

The Term My People Is Called? CANNIBALISM.. Their Losing Power ALL OVER THE WORLD To Destroy Peoples Of Color? So Now They're Returning To Destroying Themselves.. Just Like They Were Doing BEFORE They Left Europe 700 Years Ago.. We Must Remember..

The First "White Flight"? Were White Neanderthal Demonic Beasts, Fleeing Other White Neanderthal Demonic Beasts In Europe.. Just Keeping It Real.. Yep...

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1 year ago

(Cartoon Voice) Ha Ha!

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Ann T Lope
Ann T Lope 1 year ago

hahaha the fat kid from the Simpsons voice.

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LeeMay 1 year ago

We can label this "shopping while white". LOL

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