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Families Of Greenville Mass Shooting Victims Speak Out

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
28 Oct 2019

Families and friends of the two men shot and killed in Greenville late Saturday are mourning their lost loved ones.

The families of Kevin Berry and Byron Craven Jr. confirmed to NBC 5 that the men died in Greenville, though authorities Sunday had not officially identified the men. Friends and family gathered to release balloons at a vigil for Berry at St. Augustine Park in Dallas' Pleasant Grove neighborhood Sunday. As the vigil started to break up, at least one person fired multiple gunshots in the park.

As of Sunday night, no injuries were reported in the shooting at the vigil.

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lazmor 9 months ago

although this is terrible, I wonder were the guys who got killed from that no snitch policy that negros seem to think is an honor, no matter how heinous the crime another negro does to us/them, and maybe karma paid them both back in that respect, because all i've heard from the police is nobody wants to cooperate. So I find it very hard to care either. When these silly mfs learn that that street shit that they think makes them one of the crowd can get you your mother, father sister brother child wife killed, and those killers will go free to do it over and over, and you won't say who even though you know, then IDGAF either and its going to keep happening, and them or theirs will get it next

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