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Gayle King attacked Kobe Bryant

09 Feb 2020

@gayleking was slandering Kobe and disrespecting him during his death. She did the same last year when she was attacking Michael Jackson and his family with that documentary. I find it ironic how she can take a picture with Harvey Weinstein yet she goes after Kobe when it was such a complicated case???? Much respect to @lisaleslie though for not caving into her manipulation. #gayleking #kobebryant #blackmamba #mambamentality???? #mambamentality #djquik #wevideo #adidas #arishaffir #slander #kobeandgigi #video #stayinyourlane #fakenews #slander

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4 months ago

#SheGottaGo Fam!!! I have been saying for 35 years both those mammies have shielded WS and have ONLY gone after their own.

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