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01 Mar 2019

This Benefit Finder Tutorial is a step-by-step visual guide designed to help you better understand the Benefit Finder tool and how it works.

The Benefit Finder is the site’s main feature, which can help U.S. citizens discover benefits they may be eligible for from across 17 Federal agencies.

*To turn on the closed captioning, please click on the "CC " icon below the video to adjust your settings.

There Are ALL SORTS OF BENEFITS That The United States Federal Government Has For UNITED STATES CITIZENS.. Everything From SNAP To Paying Utility Bills? To OWNING LAND, HOMES AND PROPERTY GRANTS AND BUYING HOMES For Pennies On The Dollar. From Assistance With HEAD START FOR CHILDREN? TO HELPING PAY FOR, OR COMPLETELY PAYING FOR COLLEGE AND SCHOOLS OF HIGHER EDUCATION.. It's Just A Matter Of Looking For What You Need, And Getting The Process Started And Completed.. It's Not Hard At All...

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