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1st generation immigrants please stfu being a fool

11 Jul 2021

⁣ 1st generation immigrants especially black please stfu about how great this country is for you and how you worship and respect that flag , when you know not a damned thing about how black service persons were mistreated and killed after each so called fight for freedom in other peoples lands , and this one over there and here especially when we were of no use to their murdering scheme anymore. please you are entitled to your beliefs , but when you know nothing of black peoples history in amerika , stfu and learn b4 opposing or speaking out . otherwise you will become a part of the problem also. this goes for whatever party you want to affiliate with. or do you want us to call you or your parents out for the cowards a lot of you are for running the fuck away from your countries, too afraid to fight and fix shit there, but come here to become a puppet used against black people here until you have been used enough to satisfy them and they drop your ass into the pit of hate , and then another 100 yrs is spent doing the same shit over again . if this don't apply to you don't take offense

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