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Only NOW We Know About This Case!?: Dr. Larry Nassar The Real Monster

Nicole's View
Nicole's View
25 Jan 2018

Judge sentencing former US gymnastics doctor has comforted his victims:
Intro/Outro By: DJ Quads "Good Vibes"

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Fedora 2 years ago

Kinda resembles Jared Fogle.

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Jaygo 2 years ago

even though White/Edomite men commit over 75% of the rapes and sexual assaults according to Fbi reports, they want to push Black/ Israelite men as being the face of Rape and Sexual assault. in other words, They are the Children of the Devil, they Must take all of their attributes and put on Blacks, aka the Children of the Most High.. if people do not understand the real High level war that's going on, they really don't belong in this fight. Like Mr Neely Fuller said, If you do Not understand White Supremacy, EVERYTHING will confuse you.

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