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The Dark History of the Minimum Wage

13 Apr 2019


There's something strange about the idea of a minimum wage. It's one of those subjects that everyone has a strong opinion about, even if they have no idea what makes actual economic sense. But perhaps the most surprising thing of all is that the minimum wage has a dirty secret that most economists don't want you to know about. Today we explore The Dark History of the Minimum Wage.

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MemoGrafix 1 year ago

Enlightening upload.
Reduction in work hours was gonna happen, as soon as wages go up.
Every time wages go up, it causes inflation. That coupled with the decreasing value of the US Dollar. People can't really expect to be able to raise a family of say 4, pay rent/mortgage, utilities, food, clothing, car, cleansing/sanitary products and, fun/leisure/recreation.
This is one of the biggest reasons why there is crime & scams.
The elitist NeaderFucks know what they are doing. The more things change the more things remain the same.

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