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Taurean Reign
Taurean Reign
02 Jul 2018

Only a white person will call the police on a black person for smoking a cigarette in a public place such as a parking garage deck

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Alan Freeman
Alan Freeman 2 years ago

Too bad the pic wasnt clear.. It doesnt truly identify her..

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brandimation 2 years ago

Their obsession with black people is INSANE. Like it's said before, if black people moved to the moon they would follow. Without us melanin people they are nothing.They are really the ones in minority.That white devil is probably mad bc her uterus is fried.

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TheJedi 2 years ago

She should have when over there and snatched that bitch out that truck and fucked her up. Let me go, cuz i'm getting worked up.

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TheJedi 2 years ago

WTF??!! We need to STOP having conversations with these dam white devils, and start pouncing on that ass. That bitch would NOT have gotten out of the parking structure if I had been there. We need to be over this shit. I'm over it!!

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Domwalk26 2 years ago

Typical BITTER ass Trump supporting BECKY...

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