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I don't trust black people on gun control . killer mike.

02 Aug 2019

I agree with him wholeheartedly , Any black politician that talks gun control will not get my vote. The way these fools are killing people , you'd better be prepared. And I love his final statement. If anybody comes down his driveway with their perceived authority ( we know who he means) then they gonna get a rude awakening

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RedZone News T.V.
RedZone News T.V. 8 months ago

That is the right for all people in America to have guns and if all have guns i think it will be more killings out here.It will increase violence in this country

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lazmor 8 months ago

but you must realize, the most violent mfs on this planet is the white beast. and since they love to destroy and war with everything and everybody, guns are necessary to do it because they are the minority. But in order to survive here, a black person, i'm not talking coon ass niggas that shoot up the communities, i'm talking black people should be and must be armed , or these bastards the white beast, and the coon niggas will eliminate us. sad to say its a necessary in amerika

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