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LionnessontheRise Lioness144


"AMEN! and if you could do a video or pass this message around.... STAY IN YOUR HOUSES. PRAY and ask God to hide you and your families. If God leads you to leave, GO BY TORCH. because those things are not going to like fire. fire also can be used as a weapon and a sterilant. those things skins are covered in bacteria that are deadly to us. DONT GO BY FLASH LIGHT! that is artificial light and it doesnt hold steady, those things will be drawn to the flickering of flash lights and you dont need that. you will see some that stand 9 feet tall horrifying and grotesque. listen to the LORD and let him tell you what you should do and need to do. if you happen to be home- STAY IN YOUR HOUSE. cover your house with the blood of jesus. Those things will stand out in the streets, in your yards, arch on the roof top, knock on your door because they know you are there. they will sound sweet and mellow, some of the voices heard will sound frantic. THEY WILL SOUND LIKE YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS AND FRIENDS. DONT OPEN THAT DOOR! DONT EVEN LOOK OUT THE WINDOW. some of those things will fly and glow and look seducing like angels. DONT DO IT. dont make eye contact- dont provoke them. they will even act like they are trying to break in your house, but dont be moved. this is a tactic called "fishing" they are trying to get you out your house. some maybe need to clog their ears if it get's too unbearable to hear them screeching, calling your name, clicks, ticks, booms, howls, screeches and etc. also a spray bottle of listerine would not be bad as putting a barrier between you and them spraying while with your torch as you travel. those insectoids will be out. NO INSECT OR ANIMAL LIKES LISTERINE because of it's high alcohol content. it also has menthol in it, most creatures cant take menthol. this is what we use to repel mosquitos- really ALL flying insects and ground walkers. BUT before all things put GOd first- PRAY. then listen to the spirit tell you what to do. if he tells you to stay put but you are thinking of your wifes, husband and children. STAY PUT. you can be where you are at and pray for them and apply the blood of JEsus over them. you gone have to trust him."


" DONT GET ON THOSE "SPACE CRAFTS" (they are not from outer space) BUT DONT GET ON THEM SHIPS. Heard another brother's testimony of what will happen on those ships. THEY WILL EAT SOME OF YOU AND KILL SOME OF YOU FOR SPORT they are sadistic creatures. the "A-LIENS are nothing more but biological vehicles for demons. DONT GET ON THOSE SHIPS- YOU WILL BE DOOMED. they will do the same at the FEMA camps too. serving people human meat and crap.:

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