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#repost @518streets2 ・・・ 16 year-old former student Parker Mustian at Cardin....mp4

06 Aug 2019

16 yr old hates black people and proving it to you. Now this filthy bastard lives in south carolina, and if any of you black people run across this maniac , shoot it down like the dog it is. Because this mf comes from a well known gop party member. now don't say you weren't warned when this mf either goes back to the school they expelled him from and shoots it up, or just some random killing of black people. Now had this been a black child saying all this shit , these white mfs would have charged him with making terrorist threats, and using a swat team to kick in his doors. But this nasty ass white demon , all he got was expelled, and probably a harsh talking to if that much. His daddy probably told him you shouldn't have told any of your friends. But all in all if this ma shoots and kills one of your loved ones black people, I would suggest you take care of him and his daddy. Because his daddy is a prominent attorney, that can and will get this maniac into a treatment center if all he kills is black folks and poor whites

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