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Police beating man during traffic stop caught on video

My Tribe T.V
My Tribe T.V
29 May 2019

Both officers involved in this beating were fired within 24 hours.

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mickybricks 1 year ago

take away they pension plan,life saving then gee dem that SMOKE

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1 year ago

All Day, All MF Time!!!

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Hebrewthruandthru 1 year ago

They need to be in prison. The video isn’t misleading they beat up a Hebrew who had his hands in the air thinking no one was watching and have the nerve to think they should continue being cops. Yahuah is sending Yahushua to slaughter the wicked

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1 year ago

FUCK FIRING!!! It IS well past time to start doling out pain and death their them and their families. Otherwise NOTHING WILL STOP THIS!!!!

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