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Elijah Cummings & The Black Misleadership Class

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

White power is ALWAYS trying to protect it's operatives and bootlicks because it depends on them to deceive us into inaction. We're going to take a frank look at the so-called black "leadership" and ask if they're worthy of our respect.

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eureka 4 months ago

To be honest with you Prof, I have little or no respect for all leaders, black and white, who depend on financial contributions in order to become elected to any high position.

It is a known fact that all politicians are bought and sold; because they have to please their corporate bosses first after they become elected and whatever crumbs are left over, the masses, if they are lucky, can share in them.

So I am in general agreement with you here; these folks have used the suffering of black folks in order to gain prominence for themselves. Same with Martin Luther King; the only one I am inclined to respect is Malcolm X, who was taken out because he had proven to be a clear threat to the white establishment.

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