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Riverbend (1989) | Vietnam Soldier Teaches Blacks To Fight Back

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

The only starring role for martial artist and perennial sidekick Steve James (Delta Force, American Ninja, I'm Gonna Git u Sucka) essentially went straight to video in 1990, but still holds its power 30 years later. Sam Firstenberg's direction, a tight script and strong performances make it a must-see. One critic likened it to Mississippi Burning meets Walking Tall. For me, its The Spook Who Sat Next To The Door Goes South.

Shared for historical purposes. I do not own the rights.


Riverbend - A new Civil War is about to begin.
In a small Georgia town white supremacy and black power come face to face.

Major Quinton (STEVE JAMES) and his men are on the lam, running from a rigged court martial. They seek refuge in the small Georgia town of Riverbend where a cruel white sheriff (TONY FRANK) is terrorizing the black population. Bell (MARGARET AVERY) becomes their only ally in a town on the verge of exploding. Quinton is enraged by the injustice he sees. He mobilizes a secret army and formulates a brilliant plan. In one bold stroke, on one fateful night, the fight for freedom and human rights will be decided. Soon the entire world will know the name RIVERBEND.

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