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Bla Xit Family Land Hunting

Blaxit Movement
Blaxit Movement
02 Feb 2020

6 Bla Xit family members went land hunting last week we wanted to share our adventures. This land was pretty far inside Jambur and was reflected in the price of 125,000 Dalasies for a 20 x 20 plot. A good comparison is that my house sits on a similar size land. In pounds it £1,923.00 in
$ 2,450 . These are just snippets of our day I filmed on my phone so apologies for the quality . If you want to own a piece of Africa let us know. Bla Xit Family came over to Gambia to secure land so we took them to reasonable plots in nice areas. All lands are legal and clear. Please email us if you would like to know more information. Please email us blaxithome@gmail.com
Thanks Wode Maya for granting us this opportunity to help our family return home. Thank you for sharing and caring and subscribing. Please smash that Like Button. To all our Donors who help us to continue please know that we are so grateful. Thank you to our families that put up with our late nights and crazy filming schedule we appreciate you too.
If you would like to donate or advertise let us know . You can donate via Paypal using our bopcollective@yahoo.com email account .

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