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There's only "3 THINGS" You NEED TO KNOW to Grow your Natural Hair!

29 Aug 2021

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Understand Hair Thickness and Density:

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0:00 Intro- Why you should know these 3 things!
5:06 Moisture Balance
7:25 Hair Structure
11:14 Healthy Hair Routine

Hey Subbies!!!!
After losing my hair I decided to go on this journey to figure out how to take care of my crown. So… I read, watched videos, and consulted haircare professionals. Natural Hair Care is DEEP! It can be so confusing, and it can get WAY out of control as to knowing what products to use, etc.
I just wanted healthy hair that would grow (well grow fast of course!!!) and I wanted to know the basics on how to care for my TYPE of hair. I had no idea your hair type was more than just your curl pattern! You should know the density of your hair, the width of each strand, and the rate at which your hair absorbs water. This will allow you to make well-informed choices when you are shopping for hair products. I fell into the trap of thinking all products were created equal. NOT AT ALL! So… In my opinion… there are only three things you REALLY need to know about your hair if you want it to be luxurious, long, and healthy!
First: How well does water absorb in your hair. (This will tell you whether you need a good moisture, protein, or moisture-protein rotation routine)
Second: What is your hair type? (You should know your hair’s curl pattern, texture, and density which will allow you to make better product choices)
Finally: What products and hair care routines work best for you? (Know how often you should wash your hair, which oils work best in your hair, and your conditioning routine)

If you know the latter 3 things. YOU WON’T BE A PRODUCT JUNKIE! You will know what actually works for you. Your hair is unique. No one has the EXACT crown you have. So you have to take the time to investigate your hair needs. Once you know them… You are GOLD!!!!

See you in the future,
Curly Hair Crisis

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