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men mean shit . the ship and its hardware do..mp4

04 Apr 2020

if this don't wake up the people in amerika and the world as to what amerika's military is truly about . nothing will. Where are all those patriots calling for heads to roll in this administration. Now at least for you african countries, this shows what happens when plagues hit the world and are transported by the very people who say they come to help, when they knowingly had these people infected, and probably more of their ships around the planet has the same,and the united states is keeping quiet, but will dock in your country , spread the plague, and then say it came from africa. Maybe this scenario can explain why aids which was in vietnam suddenly came from africa a few yrs after the war. And the same can be said about ebola. The white man will never tell you the truth. And wherever the white man is , there is disease war and destruction

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