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Nazism, COVID-19 and the destruction of modern medicine part 1 - mirrored

19 Nov 2020

In this video and part 2 there is a call for everyone to actively take a stand to resist mandatory vaccines. There is a parallel made between what happened to the Jews, the involuntary experimentation on Blacks and others, and the effort to force people to take vaccines against their will. Especially since there is no accountability against anyone involved in administering these vaccines should you become ill from it or if it causes any negative side effects. More than likely your problems won't even be officially acknowledged .

There are countless cases of people being adversely affected by vaccines who are then simply ignored and left to suffer the consequences, economic and otherwise. Much of this is well documented but many still fall for the pitch in the face of it. One point driven home in these two videos is that the bottom line motive for all this is money. As well as the fact this also demonstrates a lack for respect for you as a human being. Not only has this vaccine not even been adequately tested for at least 7 years as is recommended by some experts, many have warned of very dangerous and dna altering substances it contained. It is up to the people to take a stand against this pretext for greed, control and tyranny against the population.

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