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Tommy Sotomayor"s White Fans State "They No longer Need His Pandering To Whites".

14 Apr 2019

Tommy Had To See The Day Coming. He Put His Trust In The Neanderthal Demonic Beasts. Even Though History Has Dictated For Almost 600 Years? TO TRUST THE DEMON IS FOOLISH AND DEADLY.. So Now The Time Has Come To? Pay The Devil.. We Are In Some Interesting Times..

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blackme 1 year ago

tommy out in thee cold now that his massa i s done with him. whos gonna protect him now? he better watch his back cos he has no friends.just saying.....

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LeeMay 1 year ago

He no longer has the white folks support. That's what happens when you buy into the enemy's evil plan, you get thrown under the bus when you are no longer needed. HE's DONE.

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1 year ago

Fuck Tommy & Jack Off Gunner

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