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Police fail in attempt to tase Ahmaud Arbery during 2017 incident. THEY WANTED HIM. It Was A Hunt...

19 May 2020

Police attempted to use a Taser on Ahmaud Arbery, the slain Georgia jogger, after questioning why he was sitting alone in his car in a park one morning in November 2017, according to records and a police video obtained by the Guardian.
The video comes to light as law enforcement in the area faces scrutiny after Arbery was shot dead by two white men while out for a run in February. Police did not initially arrest Gregory and Travis McMichael, who chased down and killed the unarmed Arbery, and a prosecutor assigned to the case wrote a lengthy memo explaining why the killing was legally justified.
In a joint statement to the Guardian, lawyers working for the Arbery family described the video as a clear depiction of 'a situation where Ahmaud was harassed by Glynn county police officers'.

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 8 months ago

This video is telling and no coincidence that he's dead now. Many times these dirty, devil spawned, KKKcops are known to come back for you, when they have been publicly shamed for doing dirt and they end up on the losing end. Now this is starting to look more like a vengeful murder plot. I have seen too many cases like this, where black people had lawsuits against KKKcops or shamed dirty cops in public and a few months or couple years down the line, they end up getting murdered by the bastards. Although there are many, the cases of Darren Seals and Korryn Gaines comes to mind. They both had pending lawsuits against corrupt police and had videos out about their dirt, prior to their murders by them.

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