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Kidnapped woman’s screams for her life and it is caught on RING camera searching for her

13 Dec 2019

(CNN) -- A Los Angeles doorbell camera captured the gut-wrenching screams of a woman police say they believe may have been kidnapped, but it did not capture images of what caused her calls for help.

Witnesses in the Leimert Park neighborhood called Los Angeles police Tuesday to report hearing a woman screaming, according to an LAPD news release.

"Help me," a woman's voice can be heard screaming in the footage, which shows only a dark street from a porch. "Somebody help me, please!"

A car then races into and out of the frame.

Witnesses saw what police say may be a four-door, white Toyota Prius with plastic wrap over the front passenger side window speed off with two people inside.

The driver, described as male, was pulling the hair back of a woman with dark braided hair in the passenger seat as she screamed, a witness reported to LAPD.

The driver was heard shouting, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," police said.

"If you have seen or have any information regarding the identity of the female or male in the video, please contact Southwest Area Detectives at 213-485-2197," police said.
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