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white fear. I hope you black folk don't follow.mp4

04 Mar 2020

now as much as doctors and cdc has told people all this shit with the toilet paper , mask , etc won't help . Whit mfs are still panicking and buying all this unnecessary supplies and making corporations rich. Now please black people , don't do monkey see monkey do . Because the white people are doing stupid shit even though health officials have told them , their precautions are all for nought, please don't run which I know some of you silly believe the white man fuck what the black man say negros are going to do it anyway, run out here and spend your hard earned money on useless items making corporations rich

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Jaygo 1 month ago

wtf.. I didn't know Woolworth's were still open,. where the hell they live?

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lazmor 1 month ago

thats the same thing I said . it's australia

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