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Black Gun ownership is increasing


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lazmor 1 month ago

what it boils down to is that bullshit myth that all or let me say the majority of black people live in the suburbs etc. i other words what is happening is a lot of those middle class black people have woke up and will not depend on their police in their middle class neighborhoods to treat them fairly and will kill anybody coming at them. .what the whites and police have done is forced a more or should I say majority of black amerika who are decent hardworking people to posse up. And that is the segment that will if pushed bring amerika to its knees if not totally destroy the myth of the so called good negro because we may live among them and they think they know us. we haven't 4got who we are because we have bigger homes better areas etc etc, because we know just by living around you, you will never let us 4get even if we wanted or mistakenly thought we were part of this other bullshit myth of hardworking amerikans who are judged by our character and not by our ethnicity

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