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Lavar Ball announces new BasketBall League called JBA.

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
21 Dec 2017

Big Baller Brand Founder and former NBA player Lavar Ball announces the Junior BasketBall Association JBA to launch in the new year. Making Lavar Ball the third Black Man in america to own his own Basket ball League after Icecube and Master P...

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Blacklove 2 years ago

Black men and they support of this Coon is revolting, this man has not displayed any racial pride. He has done everything to get rid of his African genetics, which little he had in the first place. Serena Williams is a Bedwench a sell-out and a lowlife like this man. There is no racial pride in a Bedwench or Coon. His money will be going into the white community his children are mixed up, they are all dating White women they will procreated with white woman. They will creates white children, which part of this you idiots don't get. He's self genociding like Diana Ross. His money will be going to strengthen White Supremacy let's celebrate Coons and Bedwenches. Edgar Hoover FBI, was a washed out mixup man and he killed Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and Hunted down Marcus Garvey. Breeding your future enemy into existence and financing them is not a good tactics. No wonder the white men, rule the world with black men being so stupid from the Moors to modern-day black man. Black are no competition to the Cave Beast. David Duke, would never accept a white man breeding out his European genetics he will him see him quite rightly as a race traitor.

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Black Global Village
Black Global Village 2 years ago

A lot of Black people support this man. Whatever you feel about him personally its still big news that could have impact in the way sports are done in america as well as our communities which is why it was covered.

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archiethomas 2 years ago

I wear a 5xl and didn't get a response to an email sent about if i could special order a txl in the BBB tee shirt.

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